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CLIPKICK personal media cloud gives everyone the ability to express their vision and share it with close friends, family, and VIPs... privately and securely. Learn More a

Express your vision and Control who sees it

Store, stream, and share all your favorite media, privately and securely.  Create collections using your own video, sound, image, document files, and links to any media available on the Internet, then watch and share them securely with whom you choose. Shoot video freely and save valuable file space on your devices.

Personal media not social media

CLIPKICK brings you your video, sound, image, and document files on any device without the social media. CLIPKICK is not about broadcasting, but rather for creating personal media collections to watch and share with close friends, family, or VIPs.  With CLIPKICK your videos, sound, images, documents, and bookmarks are stored on our private encrypted servers and are not broadcast to the world or shown in any discover feed. You own and control your content. Your security and privacy is our priority.

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Thousands of people already use  CLIPKICK personal media cloud to create video collections that inspire and express their personal taste and vision

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Clipkick is a gift for someone like me who has been looking for a way to both save and share many of the videos I come across. I also use it to store videos and give me more space on my phone. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have now saved and shared several videos under different folders called lineups.


I find this app useful for collecting inspiration and how to videos from across platforms. It creates the best short video library. I also like the privacy aspect of the app. I never felt comfortable bookmarking videos in my browser. I just feel better knowing what I save is private and not shared with others.


I’m a DJ and I work on mixes all the time for my shows. For obvious reasons I don’t want to share these mixes publicly. Clipkick gives me a way to share my mixes securely with select people I invite and connect with. I have created a little exclusive club on the app. The streaming is top notch. I set the cloud so people can’t download or share my mixes. And I can communicate with my fans securely in the app. I love it.


I started using Clipkick for collecting cooking videos from around the web. My collections are growing in different categories. I have lineups for pastas, salads, meat dishes etc. I even started having some fun adding videos I shoot myself with my phone of my family on trips and at events. I like it because there isn’t any social pressure. I don’t have to worry about likes or comments. I just share my clips with my family. It feels like home movies used to feel when I was a kid.