Everyone has a vision

CLIPKICK’s mission is to give everyone the ability to express their vision and control who sees it.


The most fundamental defining characteristic of humanity is the ability to find interest and passion. Vision. 

It’s commonly thought that visionaries are rare, or at best unusual. Michelangelo, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein—all have been considered part of an elite group, while the majority of people are left to observe.

What if we have this wrong?

We are in the midst of a massive explosion of the availability and consumption of video content.

Yet only a small percentage of viewers actually express their creativity in the medium because of how social media makes them feel. People want more privacy, less negative public scrutiny, and are tired of having their personal content and data commercialized for advertising revenue.

Vision & Mission

CLIPKICK Solves Personal Media

Streaming media is the emerging language of communication online, and we are committed to giving everyone the ability to create, communicate, and collaborate with media collections on any device, privately and securely.

Unlike social media, where people have no control over their content and who sees it, CLIPKICK’s personal media cloud gives the control back to individuals so they can safely and securely store and share content with whom they choose while keeping ownership and control of everything they create.


Data and Privacy

We understand that many consumers today want to experience their content privately without the pressure of social media and wreckless content distribution and data collection.

The CLIPKICK cloud is private and encrypted. You always own  and control who sees your media and we adhere to a strict privacy policy to protect your content.

Our forever promise

At CLIPKICK, creativity and integrity in digital media are in our DNA.  We are committed to providing you a place to privately and securely store your media collections and the best tools to organize, watch, collaborate, and share your favorite content on any screen or device for as long as you use our service.

Alan James Edwards